"Chicago tenor saxophone giant Von Freeman died in 2012, at age 88, but he remains a significant figure in jazz here and beyond.The latest evidence comes in the form of After Dark: A Von Freeman Tribute, a band of Freeman acolytes who celebrate the master’s

outsized legacy in contemporary ways.

-- Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune


Geof Bradfield - tenor sax

Scott Burns - tenor sax

Rajiv Halim - tenor and alto saxes

Mike Allemana - guitar

Clark Sommers - bass

George Fludas - drums

After Dark performs the music that most influenced Von Freeman as a youth. We do songs that formed his musical thinking according to what he told me and others and to what George Freeman tells me [Mike Allemana] in our interviews. We explore compositions by Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, and Charlie Parker, but with our own take. Geof Bradfield, Scott Burns, and I have all contributed arrangements for three saxophones and rhythms section. Of course, we always open each night playing one of Von’s composition on the blues, “After Dark,” which he recorded with Andrew Hill in 1956 on the Ping label.



465 N. McClurg Court (promenade)

Chicago, Illinois 60611

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