Ann Stewart - jazz banjo/vocals

Russ Phillips - trombone

Verne Rind - bass

Ann Stewart is considered to be among a very small group at the top of the jazz banjo world.  Her percussive, swinging style along with her energy and enthusiasm fuels the arrangements performed by the band.


Russ Phillips is the master of playing all styles of jazz in all settings.  As the sole horn in a trio setting he plays not only the trombone parts but also the parts usually played by other instruments in the genre. He is in demand locally and as a guest artist at many jazz festivals throughout the country.


Verne Rind on bass is also the drummer in the larger Dixieland show band.   He has been the primary band member in their full show band since its inception.  He is very inventive and plays a big role in the unique sound of the band today.  


This is a nationally recognized, high-energy Dixieland group with the jazz banjo as the focal point.  The trio is the foundation of the larger group of the same name.


This full-time group has been together for over three decades performing at every event imaginable including repeat performances at dozens of Dixieland Jazz festivals across the country from Sacramento, CA, to Ocean Shores, Washington, Monterey, CA, Palm Springs, CA, Victoria, BC, Dixieland Jazz cruises, and much more. 


Their eclectic style includes not only Classic Dixieland Jazz but popular standards spanning three decades including swing, blues, novelty tunes and much more presented in a contemporary, lively fashion sprinkled with a dash of humor.  The band’s modern showbiz savvy reflects their success at making their music relevant to current audiences with a sound and style that is uniquely different. 


They are listed in the Illinois Festival Association Hall of Fame as “Entertainers of the Year” and have recorded eight albums.



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Chicago, Illinois 60611

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