Best of the Best: Al, Stevie, and Ray 

"We can’t turn away when Bruce is on stage. His presence is simultaneously commanding and approachable. His joy is contagious...His voice is his horn, and he can swing like Goodman, spin and spiral like Parker, or levitate like Coltrane.” 


                            -- Andrea Canter, Jazz Police and Jazz Ink

"When pianist Daugherty decides to turn up the energy, she’s hard to beat, the idiosyncrasies of her harmonic sense enriched by a dynamic approach to rhythm and a robust way of addressing the full expanse of the keyboard."


                                      -- Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

Bruce Henry - vocals

Jo Ann Daugherty - piano, vocals

Ryan Bennett - drums

Joshua Ramos - bass

Henry Johnson - guitar, vocals


Featuring Bruce A. Henry (vocals), Henry Johnson (guitar and vocals), Jo Ann Daugherty (piano), Joshua Ramos (acoustic bass), and Ryan Bennett (drums), the band taps into the universal power of music to bring people together during these times when we need it so.

It all started with a crazy idea: wouldn’t it be fun to gather some of Chicago’s most versatile musicians to play the amazing (and complex) music of Al Jarreau? Not just a “tribute,” but an approach that treated these tunes as living, breathing pieces of music? That’s how this like-minded yet diverse group of musical souls found themselves together on a journey that has evolved to meet the need for positivity in the world, for events that unite people of different backgrounds around amazing music, and for the dissemination of good vibes all around.

Members of the band perform in the top echelons of the music industry: at festivals, concert halls and clubs worldwide; alongside masters of jazz (Ramsey Lewis, Stanley Turrentine, Nancy Wilson, and more); on national television (HBO, Disney, PBS broadcast specials, Empire); touring shows (Motown: the Musical, Jersey Boys), on criticially acclaimed solo records--and that’s just scratching the surface.

The first successful night at Winter’s Jazz Club in Chicago in early 2018 has evolved into two complete shows: An Acoustic Tribute to Al Jarreau and The Jazz Side of Stevie Wonder (sold out shows!), now followed by their newest production, The Jazz Soul of Ray Charles. Join us for a night of music guaranteed to move your soul!



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