The tunes feature continuously evolving structures and shimmering harmonies fueled by joyous Peruvian grooves not commonly encountered by Northern ears” 

                                                              -- Downbeat


Juan Pastor - percussion

Stu Mindeman - piano

Patrick Mulcahy - bass


Fusing modern jazz with the deeply soulful folk rhythms of his native Peru, Juan Pastor has created an electrifying and unique sound with his exciting band Chinchano.


Featuring pianist Stu Mindeman and bassist Patrick Mulcahy, the ensemble is rhythmically driven by Juan’s drums and percussion, often employing the Peruvian cajon. Performing original music composed by all three musicians, the trio explores a rich variety of South American styles, equally certain to move the listener’s soul, emotions, and body.



465 N. McClurg Court (promenade)

Chicago, Illinois 60611

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