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Ella 101

"Like clarified honey, her voice combines a hearty sweetness and a welcome translucence, and they enjoy a complimentary balance…but Dame can also push into unexpected territory… a place in the heart toughened by life and strengthened by hope, with a little growl to signify both."


                                                            -- Neil Tesser

Elaine Dame - vocals

Dennis Luxion - piano

Patrick Mulcahy - bass

Eric Schneider - saxophone, clarinet

Ella 101 -  On the eve of what would have been Ella Fitzgerald's 101st birthday, eminent jazz singer Elaine Dame commemorates and celebrates America's "First Lady of Song".

-- -- -- 

Elaine Dame sings and people stop and listen. The woman who Time Out, Chicago calls a “jazz dynamo” and “a gem in the city’s vocal jazz scene” has been turning heads and capturing attention for the past eighteen years, a mainstay of the Chicago jazz scene. From her appearances at New York City’s Rainbow Room to her headlining performance at the 2015 Chicago Jazz Festival, Elaine’s career is spent at the heart of swinging and sophisticated jazz. Neil Tesser, Grammy award-winning jazz critic and author of The Playboy Guide to Jazz said, "Dame has risen to the top ranks of Chicago jazz singers. She possesses all the musicality you could want in a true jazz vocalist: centered intonation, an enviable command of rhythm and a translucent but powerful instrument.” 

Comes Love, Ms. Dame’s debut recording was released to wide critical acclaim and international radio play. “Dame combines a freshness of approach with an unaffected fondness for the music she sings. The result is a clear-eyed approach to her material that remains accessible to a broad cross section of listeners, potentially enlarging the audience for jazz,” said Jazz Improv Magazine. In December of 2014, Elaine released her highly-anticipated sophomore recording “You’re My Thrill” to rave reviews: “Dame’s interpretive gifts-which are through the roof-do what jazz is meant to do: turn these well-worn tunes into a revelatory and often very witty set of commentaries on each other. Her voice is capable of doing whatever she asks of it-from an extended staccato run to a single word teased by a beguiling melisma – but it’s the choices behind these technical feats that are the real story. Everything is in the service of the narrative; the beauty of her instrument is guided by the shrewdness of her instincts and her instincts are infallible.” –New City, Chicago 

While virtuosity is a given, it’s the joy she exudes with every note that makes Elaine’s performances unforgettable. A graduate of The Theater Repertory Program at California State Northridge, Elaine worked for years in Chicago’s theater scene before turning her whole focus to jazz. She’s a singer who understands the importance of stage presence. It’s no wonder the Chicago Reader wrote, “Ms. Dame has a winning stage presence and a chameleon-like vocal flexibility.” 

For the past ten years, in addition to her consistent work as a jazz singer, Ms. Dame has been a private jazz vocal instructor and was honored to have been a 2013 teaching artist at Orbert Davis’ Chicago Jazz Philharmonic Summer Jazz Academy, where she taught scatting workshops. 




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