The pervasive soulfulness of Dayhuff’s bass work… and tonally resplendent bass notes added to the epic feel of the music.


                                     – Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

Emma Dayhuff - bass

Lenard Simpson - alto saxophone

Gregory Artry - drums

Known for her rich, enveloping sound, groove, and lyrical style, Emma Dayhuff presents her trio for the first time at Winter's Jazz Club.  Joined by alto saxophonist Lenard Simpson and drummer Gregory Artry, the trio showcases the exploratory and creative energy of Chicago’s younger generation in jazz.

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Emma Dayhuff was motivated to pursue the bass after being told she was too small to play the instrument at age 12. 


In 2005, she attended the Oberlin Conservatory of Music where she studied with Peter Dominguez, Eddie Gomez, and Billy Hart.  After graduating, she moved to Chicago where she spearheaded a local funk band, toured with a bluegrass band, worked in Chicago’s blues and pop scene, and was exposed to Chicago’s avant garde jazz scene through mentor Vincent Davis, as well as collaboration with keyboardist and composer Robert Irving III. 


She was honored to be one of five musicians named as a 2015 Chicago Luminarts Foundation Jazz Fellow.  Emma is also the recording engineer for two releases by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra: “Mason Bates: Anthology of Fantastic Zoology” and “Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony”. 


By 2015, Emma had grown curious about New York, so put her life in a trailer, attached it to her Subaru, and drove 900 miles east.  Living in New York, performing regularly with Victor Goines, and receiving mentorship from Gerald Cannon and Ron Carter was a process of learning musical language by immersion.


She has since shared the stage with Willie Pickens, Corey Wilkes, Victor Lewis, Mary Stallings, Tammy McCann, Willerm Delisfort, and Kahil El Zabar among many other amazing and creative people. 


Emma is excited to be joining the class of 2020 at the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz in Los Angeles beginning in September.




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