…a cohesive unit with an extraordinarily

flexible mindset…at every step of the way,

this band breathes and bends as one.” 


--Dan Billawsky, All About Jazz)


Unpredictable and sometimes eccentric…each listen to Nothing Here Belongs reveals more surprises.


-- Scott Yanow, JAZZIZ


Their deep understanding of each other and deft analysis of choice repertoire repays repeat

and close listening.


-- Michael Jackson, Downbeat

Joe Policastro - bass
Dave Miller - guitar
Greg Artry - drums


Hailed by Downbeat for its “deft analysis of choice repertoire,” and by The Chicago Reader for its “diversity of approaches to all kinds of source material,” the JOE POLICASTRO TRIO is a Chicago-based alternative jazz trio led by bassist, composer, and arranger, Joe Policastro.  While firmly rooted in jazz, the band’s open-minded, inclusive nature draws upon a wide array of musical styles and sources while still keeping the aesthetic of an acoustic trio intact.


True bands are a rarity in jazz these days, especially ones who hone their craft as consistently as this one does.  Beyond Chicago, the trio has been extensively touring the US and Canada.  They’ve been featured at the Iridium Jazz Club, TD International Toronto Jazz Festival, Chicago Jazz Festival, Sh*tty Barn Sessions, Cliff Bell’s, BLU Jazz+, JazzBuffalo, Green Lady Lounge, and numerous other clubs and festivals having even performed for President Barack Obama in October of 2016.


The trio has released four albums to date.  Nothing Here Belongs (2019) follows in the wake of West Side Story Suite (2013), POPS! (2016), and Screen Sounds (2017), all of which highlighted the trio’s ability to remake unlikely songs in its own raw, highly idiosyncratic fashion.  Nothing Here Belongs, by contrast, for the first time showcases the trio’s captivating body of original music, while also including characteristically bold arrangements of songs by Bruce Springsteen, Talking Heads, and Santo & Johnny.



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