Hogarth has successfully re-created the spirit

of the original Concert Jazz Band with first-class

Chicago-area musicians. Hogarth’s intent is to

honor-by-update…not to duplicate. He

successfully refreshes the Mulligan message…


-- Harvey Siders, JazzTimes


Ted Hogarth - baritone saxophone, bass clarinet

Mark Colby - tenor saxophone and clarinet

Matt Wifler - clarinet and tenor saxophone

Rich Moore - alto saxophone

Jacob Slocum - baritone saxophone, bass clarinet


Ryan Shultz - valve trombone

Norman Palm - tenor trombone

John Blane - bass trombone


Victor Garcia - trumpet

Tom Tallman - trumpet

Art Davis - trumpet


Joe Policastro - bass

Phil Gratteau - drums


The Mulligan Mosaics Big Band is a 13-piece jazz ensemble based upon the music and unique instrumentation of Gerry Mulligan’s Concert Jazz Band.  Founded by baritone saxophonist Ted Hogarth, it formed in 2006 following a collaboration between Hogarth and Mulligan’s widow, Franca Mulligan, that granted him access to Gerry Mulligan’s private library.  The band preserves and performs music written by Gerry Mulligan, Johnny Mandel, Bob Brookmeyer, and other great composers and arrangers, commissions new compositions and arrangements for big band, and provides educational outreach and accessibility to the Mulligan legacy.


Led by baritone saxophonist, composer, and arranger Ted Hogarth and co-led by bassist, composer, and arranger Joe Policastro, the band is comprised of nationally and internationally recognized Chicago-based musicians and educators. They have performed at numerous clubs, concert halls, and festivals including the McAninch Arts Center with guest vocalist Judi Silvano, Millennium Park, Chicago Jazz Festival, Fox Jazz Fest, Jazz Fest Glenn Ellyn, Evanston Jazz Festival, and Jazz Showcase where they recorded a live CD released in 2010. 





465 N. McClurg Court (promenade)

Chicago, Illinois 60611


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