7 Hearts a flutter -

After Valentine's Day Special!

"High-spirited music-making...worth savoring...fresh rather than nostalgic...a classic-swing collective...a saucy manner of delivery that emphasized the art of the double entendre."


                                  -- Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune


"...a solid dose of happy, crazy depression era music...a top shelf date...a dazzling set that should not be missed..."

                                    -- Chris Spector, Midwest Record


Petra van Nuis - vocals

Bob Ojeda - trumpet

Russ Phillips - trombone 

Andy Brown - guitar

Doug Hayes - bass

Phil Gratteau - drums

Eric Schneider - reeds

For this occasion, vocalist Petra van Nuis has chosen love songs perfect for swinging sweethearts! 

-- -- -- 

At the start of the Great Recession in September 2008, Petra's Recession Seven, a Chicago-style early swing/trad jazz band was born.  This seven piece ensemble features an all-star line up of internationally known Chicago veterans including trombonist Russ Phillips, clarinetist Eric Schneider, and trumpeter Bob Ojeda.


Festival appearances include the 33rd annual Chicago Jazz Festival, the 34th, 35th & 37th annual Cedar Basin Jazz Festival, Fitzgerald's 29th annual American Music Festival, and the Illiana Club of Traditional Jazz's 40th anniversary Jazz Festival.


The band regularly travels to regional jazz societies such as the Juvae Jazz Society, the Madison Jazz Society, the Starr-Gennett Foundation, the "Masters of Swing" series at Cincinnati's Xavier University, the Lafayette Jazz Club, and the Indianapolis Jazz Club. The American Rag, in a review of the band's 2011 on location recording Live In Chicago praises "a killer of a band that grabs your attention and doesn't give it back until they are finished playing."

"Petra van Nuis and Recession Seven celebrate a decade":



465 N. McClurg Court (promenade)

Chicago, Illinois 60611

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