Re-Imagining the Standards:
New York Style

"His deep-dish tone and meaty phrasing convey his roots in the Chicago tenor style. His flexible and fluent technique reflects his time in New York, where the pace of the city and of the jazz scene have burned away any fat in his style."

                                                            -- Neil Tesser



Russ Nolan -- tenor saxophone

Ryan Cohan -- piano

John Sims -- bass

Jon Deitemyer - drums


Consistently voted onto DownBeat magazine’s Rising Star Annual Critics Poll, Chicago Native Russ Nolan’s music is often described as High-Energy Modern Jazz that both satisfies the intellect of its musical peers and speaks to everyone on a soulful level.  Called a ‘renaissance man’ by those close to him, he has taken his experiences in sports, martial arts, business, after-school program volunteering, music education, and other activities to relate to a wider audience across the US and Canada.


His 2016 release of Sanctuary from the Ordinary – Live at Firehouse 12 was voted onto DownBeat’s Best of 2016.


After years of returning home to perform at the Jazz Showcase and the Green Mill Lounge, April 19th marks Russ' debut appearance at Winter's, where he will present his unique and thoughtful arrangements of standard Jazz repertoire by Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Rogers and Hart, Kurt Weill, George Gershwin, Oliver Nelson, and even Stephen Sondheim.


Russ and Ryan Cohan are also former students of David Bloom/Bloom School of Jazz and credit him for the idea that 'Jazz is best when it not only satisfies the intellect of its musical peers, but speaks to everyone on a soulful level'.



465 N. McClurg Court (promenade)

Chicago, Illinois 60611

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